A Playbook is a prescribed guide for multiple roles to perform in a business situation. It is like a manual or Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) but live and automated.

All functions in an organization can use Playbooks. Playbooks offer consistency and scale in handling differing business situations.

A template is a Playbook design framework and includes set of activities and roles along with initiation conditions.

Triggers are rules that define the criteria, conditions, and logic for automated assignments. By setting up trigger logic, teams can automate the assignment of playbooks, ensuring that the right resources and actions are initiated at the appropriate times.

Lite users have restricted access and views. Lite users do not have the ability to view, create and access Playbooks for account related processes. They can participate in receiving and completing tasks but they would NOT have the columns, fields, filters relevant to Customer Account data.

Users can view their tasks under the tasks tab in My Workspace. Alternately they can also expand a particular Playbook and access and complete tasks there.

While task management tools primarily focus on organizing and tracking individual tasks, SmartPlaybook provides a structured framework with pre-defined activities for multiple roles to perform in a specific scenario. The ability to have plays connected to customer accounts and use of roles makes SmartPlaybooks unique.

Unlike project management tools that encompass general project management, SmartPlaybook provides specific pre-defined steps to be executed in achieving specific objectives. The ability to push tasks to multiple roles in a specific situation is unique to SmartPlaybooks.

Yes. Playbooks can be used for both customer account related as well as general internal processes.


Instantly post registration. Registered users can immediately start creating and assigning Playbooks manually and using existing date-based triggers. If data from third party systems are needed to automate Playbooks, then timeline would be dependent accordingly.

Yes. A self-help document, combining inputs from the Academy section provides guidance and help for effectively start using playbooks. The inputs from the Academy section complement the self-help document by providing additional resources, such as articles, videos, and expert advice.

One can start using Playbooks without any specific data requirements. Playbooks can be designed and implemented without assignment rules or any pre-existing customer data. A user can create a Playbook with general instructions, steps, or tasks that are relevant to their specific processes or workflows.

SmartKarrot leverages the power of REST APIs to establish smooth data flow and seamless integration with other systems. This capability allows flexible connectivity with various systems, enabling information exchange and triggering appropriate actions or workflows based on the received data.

Playbooks can be connected to account data through assignment rules based on events like phase change, renewal, and license utilization. This allows for automated triggering and assignment of relevant playbooks to accounts ensuring targeted guidance and proactive support throughout various stages.

A custom API can establish connections with external systems, exchange specific data sets, and automate processes. This allows for flexibility in automating Playbooks under various scenarios.

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We currently do not offer the option to pay monthly. All plans are paid annually and in advance.

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A leader in retail analytics achieved an 18% reduction in onboarding time by implementing Playbooks across multiple roles.


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