Episode 14 01:33 February 14, 2023
Best Advice for Potential Customer Success Managers/Directors/VPs

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Be ready for change. Willing to accept challenges and change is the first step to becoming a successful Customer Success Manager, Director, or VP.



What would be your one advice to, you know, potential CSMs, director of CS, VP CS? What would be your advice?


Be ready for change. Accept it. Going back to some points I made earlier. Where you stand today, you will not be tomorrow. And I think that is the key to being CS. Nothing else, nothing else. You have got to, you are walking into not only a very important position and any company I’m, I’m very biased by it.

But what I’ve seen customer success managers be able to accomplish when challenged is phenomenal, but the struggles are dealing with customer success managers that don’t wanna change. That, you know, if, if you have this idea that going into a CSM role means that your eight to five is going to be the same steps every single day, this is not for you. It is not the position for you. As a matter of fact, I make that a point when I’m interviewing for people to understand what they’re walking into and they have to want to accept challenge. They have want to accept change. That is the same for a director. That is the same for a VP.

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