Episode 19 01:23 March 30, 2023
How is Customer Success becoming a catalyst to break down silos?

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Good Customer Success teams are feeding data to Account Management around up-sells and cross-sells, to marketing teams with their success stories, and roadmap priorities into the product team. They are breaking down silos by disseminating useful data.



We are talking adoption and a lot of times I’ve also seen organizations structure themselves separately into an account management team, which is responsible for largely expansion, and I have an adoption or advocacy team, which drives adoption. And then I have an onboarding team and our implementation team, the standard stuff. Any thoughts around this? And what’s a good way to bring it all together?


I think that customer success has jumped onto an opportunity to try to start to break down that siloed way of working, because we’re the front runners… so we have a lot of knowledge, a lot of data, which we didn’t have before.

So, I think that’s helping to close the gap between the silos because if you’re in sales, customer success is feeding you with data around up-sells and cross-sells. They’re probably feeding you with data around… okay, this customer is a candidate for up-sell because they have a hundred percent adoption, for example.

They’re feeding into the marketing team with success stories, feeding into the product team with roadmap priorities, et cetera. So, I think customer success is becoming a catalyst to break down those silos.

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