Episode 5.5 1:34 May 19, 2021
Customer Success Is about Being a Trusted Advisor

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Customer Success should be a trusted advisor to customers so that internal champions continue to evangelize for you across roles and turnover.


When it comes to customer success at the end of a day we want to be a trusted advisor. It’s actually pretty simple; it’s just hard to do.

And, what I mean by that trusted advisor is that you want to build that empathy, that trust with your customer. And, when I say customer, I mean, the entire account, not just… you know… one or two stakeholders. In some sense your stakeholders are your internal champions and you want to make sure that there’s always an internal champion somewhere to… you know… always be promoting your product, evangelizing your product even when you are not there. And, that’s how, you know, these turnovers can, you know, feel a lot smoother because even if that internal champion goes on for another role… they can be like… hey… you know next person ….cuz there has to be some hand-off, right? hey next person… this SmartKarrot thing is super awesome. Right? Like… you wanna have that feeling within … umm.. each of your stakeholders that they are like whenever I work… umm.. with SmartKarrot, they have such a great team, they are really on point I think. And they have such a great tool that I really think… you know… that you should invest your time to know this service.

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