Episode 3 1:46 May 18, 2021
The Difference between Business Intelligence and Customer Intelligence

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In contrast to business intelligence, which is inward facing, customer intelligence centers on customer value. This influences how you structure your data, reporting, dashboards, and even teams.


What is the difference between business intelligence and customer intelligence?

Yeah, so there’s lot of ways to address this. I think, firstly, Rick, it’s a philosophical difference. The moment you say business intelligence, it has been rather mostly used for internal benefits and internal requirements. How is my business doing.. you know how.. If i’m doing a sentiment analysis I’m changing this around how is my sales impacted. You know if my NPS goes to a certain score, what is my correlation with my shareholder value? Those are all drivers we have seen in the last decade or so in business intelligence, inward facing.

Customer intelligence is just flips it around. you’re saying now the customer is in the center.. all intelligence nuggets are around the customer.. its not around your business.. and its a big big change because how you structure your data, even you know how you structure your reporting and your dashboards are very very different in a customer intelligence context. And how you structure your teams, right. So that’s that journey we were seeing.. that from business intelligence has its value we all do it we have to do it for running our own business. But when you talk of customer intelligence, it is all of these data and intelligence and nuggets for customer value.

See I think that’s a really important point.

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