Episode 02:03 February 3, 2022
What Was the Hottest CS Topic in 2021?

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COVID-19 made everything go digital. It enabled organizations of all sizes to serve the full spectrum of customers—right from the upper echelon down to the long tail.


Irit obviously has a lot of experience across the spectrum of organizations; you look from SMB to mid-market to enterprise. You know, even organizations… high growth organizations going into IPO. So, Irit, your experience across 2021 across that spectrum… very valuable for us to hear.

Yeah, so, just a way of… First of all, thank you, everyone, for joining us today. Really excited to be here and share these insights with you. I think what’s unique about what I bring to the table is that I do work with multiple companies at the same time.

Most of them are high-growth or enterprise clients that, you know, at least once or twice a year we deal with smaller high-growth start-ups. And, then, as you know, I have the YouTube channel where I interview a lot of different executives from a rainbow and range of different company sizes.

So, I get this really nice preview to what is everybody busy with? And, I gotta say that the hottest topic in 2021 that was on everyone’s mind is how do we cater to that lower segment, that longer… long-tail of customers?

Because you know in the first decade of the Customer Success movement, everybody was just trying to figure out what is the strategy? So, you know they did the Pareto exercise where you know you take the 20% of the customers that serve you the 80% of your total revenues for the year, and let’s just deal with those first.

I think now after the Corona; everything went digital, why not, you know, like really think about… how can I serve everyone?

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Irit Eizips, Chief Customer Officer & CEO, CSM Practice

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